MidiKeyboardComponent key names shifted

Hi Jules,

In the defaulMidiKeyboardComponent, the name of the keys seems to be left shifted. Running the JuceDemoPlugin, you can easily check that when pressing the C4 key, a C5 is actually heard. That is taking the A4 <=> 440 Hz convention.

Have a nice week-end,



This is all explained in MidiKeyboardComponent:

    /** This sets the octave number which is shown as the octave number for middle C.
        This affects only the default implementation of getWhiteNoteText(), which
        passes this octave number to MidiMessage::getMidiNoteName() in order to
        get the note text. See MidiMessage::getMidiNoteName() for more info about
        the parameter.
        By default this value is set to 3.
        @see getOctaveForMiddleC
    void setOctaveForMiddleC (int octaveNumForMiddleC);