Help / guidance on LookAndFeel

Hi everyone. I've been looking around but not been able to find any really good examples of LookAndFeel for a complete reskin of a JUCE application.

I really like the style and look of NativeInstrumens STEM creation tool (, written in Qt) and I would like to get something like that going for my JUCE application. Any code & data examples for this would be very appreciated!



I am currently skinning my application. Do you have any questions in particular?

Basically, what you do is inherit from one of the existing look and feels (e.g. LookAndFeel_V3). Then you override any of the drawxxxx functions, which implements the way component xxxx gets drawn.

Also note, that every component has a set of ColuorIds, which you can set globally from LookAndFeel::setColour. That way you might not even need to override the drawxxxx functionality (depending on what look you are trying to achieve).

In order to set your new look simply use the following command: LookAndFeel::setDefaultLookAndFeel(&myNewCoolLook);

I've copied the 'CustomLookAndFeel' from the demo and made some changes. I guess it's just spend a lot of time on coding up the visual aspect to make it look nice... I just want a really nice looking lookandfeel code to drop in I guess, save me some time :)

Well, I am thinking about releasing my look and feel. You can see in the attachment, what it looks like. But that won't be before January. And I have to check with the guy first, who drew the design.

That looks really nice! Something like that is what I was looking for. :) My app is super basic so wont need all the bells and whistle there, but I do like the style!