Help mixing JUCE components and iOS views

I've decided to try my hand at using native navigation and lists etc with custom JUCE components within certain views.  Main reason being I've been struggling to get smooth feel and performance using pure JUCE on both Android and iOS. I've looked into how to do this for Android and now I'm learning some Objective-C and hoping to do the same on iOS. 

My question is around how best to set up the project  - I've found some relevant posts (linked below) but not sure the best route of action. I already have a project and would like, if possible, to still have one project for multiple platform targets. 


Any tips or advice on this subject?


I have a more specific question: what does a MainWindow class look lke that launches a UIView (with xib file) instead of the usual MainComponent? I guess this requires a file? 

Any pointers/examples much appreciated.