Help porting old IPlug plugins to JUCE

I have a catalog of about 20 plugins that I have built over the past 10 years in IPlug that need to be ported over to JUCE. I’ve finished some of them already, but between porting old plugins and making new plugins, the process is just taking way longer than it should on my own.

I’m looking for a developer who can jump in and port some of these plugins with me. We’ll take them one at a time. Some are more complex than others, but none of them are hyper complex.

I will take care of graphics work.

If all goes well, when we get done it would be great to have another developer to work on new products as well, but we can negotiate that when we get there.

You can find my catalog of plugins here:

Let me know your rates, availability and portfolio and we can work out payment either by project or commission, whichever works best.

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