Help To Convert JUCE UI to Native Android UI

Hi Guys!

Nice to meet you all. I run an app development business which makes apps for Indian Classical musicians.

Our most recent app has been developed on the JUCE platform. Most of the features and functionality has been developed and working well, however the app is very laggy, and have a feeling this has to do with creating the UI elements, listbox etc using JUCE.

I was wondering if someone may be kind enough to help me convert it to native android UI.

There are an upcoming range of features we would love to add to the app after that also if you may be interested in working with me…

Unfortunately our wonderful JUCE developer has left the industry, and hence I am looking for someone to help me to further develop features and work on some issues on our current JUCE app.

The work is on a casual basis. Im very flexible and easy to work with, and would love to have the opportunity to work with you.

You can email me as []
Would love to hear from ya’ll! Thank you and hope to talk to you soon :slight_smile:

Warm wishes,


Hi Aman

I think we’ve spoken previously. Your best bet I think would be to create an Android app that imports JUCE as a library, and do most (or all) of your UI using the Android platform native tools, and keep JUCE for your audio and any custom graphical elements you have already developed.


Hi Adam! How are you? Hope you have been well! Thanks so much for your suggestion, that makes sense.

The current JUCE code works well, the only problem being that the navigation its very laggy, and after listening to you advise, it appears this could be because the UI has been made on JUCE. Furthermore, the UI has alot listbox features which as you mentioned, could contribute to the issue.

I’ll touch base with you today. Thanks so much for your help Adam :pray: Hope you’re keeping well :slight_smile:

Hi Adam! How you doin? Hope all is going well on your end!

Warm wishes,