Help writing first Plugin

Hi, I am trying to build a plugin, but I really need some help figuring out how I can realize it.

The VST-plugin should have two Audio signals (choosing between waveforms and an other input with wav/mp3 file).

Maybe someone could give me some hints.

This question is quite broad. To help you better, a bit more of information would be helpful:

  • Do you have any general programming experience? Do you know C++ (which is the programming language JUCE uses)?
  • Did you already try anything or are you only looking for tutorials at the moment? If you already tried to build a plugin, what was successful, where did you run into problems?
  • Regarding the plugin that you described, do I get it right that this should be an instrument plugin, e.g. one that only outputs a signal but does not process an incoming signal? What’s the use-case of it? Sounds a bit unusual at first and unusual things might not be the most straightforward kind of project when you are just getting started.
  • You mentioned VST. Are you aware that you are no longer allowed to build VST plugins if you didn’t sign a contract with Steinberg years ago and therefore the SDK to build a VST is no longer included in JUCE? Good news: Building the modern VST3 format is no problem though :wink:

Generally, there are the official JUCE tutorials, accessible by clicking “Learn” at the top of the page. Then there are YouTube tutorials e.g. by @theaudioprogrammer

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in addition to what was already mentioned:

it’s best to only come here for a very specific question. for example if you already have a working project and then ask yourself “how to load a wav file?” or so.

what pp said about vst no longer being supported might be a little ambiguous. i would consider vst3 the current state of vst

Hi, yes, thank you.
I already watched the tutorials and build a synth, that works.