Hiding modular parameters

Hi guys I'm trying to make a synth with some modular aspects where a user can pickup an lfo output and drag it to a socket. In other words each parameter (which are represented by audioparameterfloat subclassing) have a certain amount of sockets which store a source index and a level (how much does the modulation effect the parameter). Anyway in the plugin host I would like to show the user the parameters but not every single source index and level. What would be the best way to store the modulation scheme in a preset without showing it in the plugin host. On a second note DAW's like ableton support the undo history recovery and I would like to allow users to recover a built preset using this, so is there some kind of way to have audio parameters that are hidden inside the daw? Or is the only way to just write the modulation scheme into the XML (not supporting undo functionality of the DAW)?

Maybe AudioProcessorValueTreeState is what you are looking for: https://www.juce.com/doc/classAudioProcessorValueTreeState#details

But I don't know, if the undo manager hooks up automatically with the daw or if there is something you need to do aditionally to to providing an UndoManager.

You have also the parameters in that class, and you can store additional data in the ValueTree named state (public).