HighResolutionTimer::startTimer() breaking change (introduced in 7.0.3)

before 7.0.3, if we had a HighResolutionTimer running with a long period (t1), and we would call startTimer() on it with a shorter interval (t2), the next callback was happening after that short time t2.

with 7.0.3, the new behavior is that the next callback will happen after the current (long) period is finished. Only after that the new interval will be taken into account.

Could you add a waitEvent.notify_one() in startTimer() so that we get the previous behaviour back?

Thanks for reporting. A fix is out on develop

thanks for the quick commit Attila!
(I had noticed this issue on mac 11.6 btw, hadn’t tested on windows)

Oh, that’s interesting, on 12.6 it didn’t appear to be a problem. Hopefully this fixes 11.6 too.

yes, it does :slight_smile: