Horizontal font scaling done in ToggleButton after calling changeWidthToFitText()

When using ToggleButton::changeWidthToFitText() I get a button with a width too small to avoid horizontal text scaling. To me it seems that:

void LookAndFeel_V2::changeToggleButtonWidthToFitText (ToggleButton& button)
    Font font (jmin (15.0f, button.getHeight() * 0.6f));

    const int tickWidth = jmin (24, button.getHeight());

    button.setSize (font.getStringWidth (button.getButtonText()) + tickWidth + 8,

does not match:

void LookAndFeel_V4::drawToggleButton (Graphics& g, ToggleButton& button,
                                       bool isMouseOverButton, bool isButtonDown)
    const auto fontSize = jmin (15.0f, button.getHeight() * 0.75f);
    const auto tickWidth = fontSize * 1.1f;

    drawTickBox (g, button, 4.0f, (button.getHeight() - tickWidth) * 0.5f,
                 tickWidth, tickWidth,

    g.setColour (button.findColour (ToggleButton::textColourId));
    g.setFont (fontSize);

    if (! button.isEnabled())
        g.setOpacity (0.5f);

    g.drawFittedText (button.getButtonText(),
                      button.getLocalBounds().withTrimmedLeft (roundToInt (tickWidth) + 10)
                                             .withTrimmedRight (2),
                      Justification::centredLeft, 10);

It does not match LookAndFeel_V2::drawToggleButton() either.


void LookAndFeel_V4::changeToggleButtonWidthToFitText(ToggleButton& button)
    const float fontSize = jmin(15.0f, button.getHeight() * 0.75f);
    Font font(fontSize);
    const float tickWidth = fontSize * 1.1f;

    button.setSize(font.getStringWidth(button.getButtonText()) + roundToInt(tickWidth) + 10 + 2, button.getHeight());

be better? And of course something similar for LookAndFeel_V2::changeToggleButtonWidthToFitText().

Yep, I’ll sort that out