Host parameter changes VST3


I mentioned in my earlier post that I had experienced a couple of issues. The second one is in relation to changing parameter values from the host, rather than the plugin UI.

I've screengrabbed this using the Juce audio plugin demo and host (showing the "Show All Parameters" window), so it's clear what I'm talking about:

You can see that changing parameters in the host UI has no effect, which is the same experience I'm having with my plugin when running as VST3. Again, I've tried to debug through the Juce code, but I'm afraid I didn't form any great conclusions about what's going wrong with it.


Ah - that's not yet implemented.. (It's the ParameterChangeList class in juce_VST3PluginFormat.cpp)

Will do it when I get chance - if you want to speed things up by having a go at implementing it yourself, please let me know how you get on! It's probably not too hard to do, it'd just need to be thread-safe.

I'll add it to our list, but I think there's a decent chance you'll get there first, as there's a lot on the list and VST3 support isn't too high a priority for us for just yet. I assume same goes for the other post re. updating parameter names? (

The parameter names thing might be different - I'm not actually sure whether VST3 implements something equivalent to the updateHostDisplay thing. Will need to be investigated.

It does look like there is support for it and a partial implementation in Juce. I've noted what I found so far here:

Also, bumping this, as I know Jules had been looking at plugin parameters recently :)

Working on this re: Tracktion at the moment, will hopefully post some improvements soon..

Fantastic, thanks!