HostedParameter and AudioProcessorParameterWithID

I’m trying to update JUCE but have a conflict now with adding parameters to AudioPluginInstances which I do with several plugins.

Previously I updated the parameters to be AudioProcessorParameterWithIDs because they had the stable paramID member.

Now these functions have changed to require a HostedParameter which is incompatible with inheriting from AudioProcessorParameterWithID.

Shouldn’t AudioProcessorParameterWithID now inherit from HostedParameter and return the paramID member?

Or am I supposed to use some nasty virtual inheritance to get around the problem?

That’s a good point, thanks! Inheriting AudioProcessorParameterWithID from HostedParameter would make the majority of the JUCE parameter types usable in AudioPluginInstances, which seems useful. I’ll make that change shortly.

Cheers! That’s the change I made on our fork which makes things compile again.

That’s available on develop now: