How can i do login with Facebook in Juce?

I want to implement the Login with Facebook for a juce app? How can i start with this. I want to get the Name and Profile Picture after the login successful? Please Advise or Help me. If you have done anything in past then share the code. It might be helpful to me. I am developing an app for Android and iOS devices only.

You learn the REST API’s for Facebook, then you write code using the URL class to interface with those API’s… sorry it is such a high level answer, but the answer that shows you exactly what to do is too detailed. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for quick response. Actually i know how to implement the fb login for Mobile application. I already done in Native application But i dont know how to do it in juce. So i think, i have to done it native and then merge it with juce right?

I described how you would do it in JUCE. but if you want to implement it in native code, and then integrate the native code into your JUCE app, you can go that route as well. I can’t advice you on that route, since I don’t have any experience with integrating native code (ios/android) into a JUCE app.

Thank You Sir. Can you please let me know how to set the font Avenir Next in all application. I have tried LookAndFeel::getDefaultLookAndFeel().setDefaultSansSerifTypefaceName (“Avenir Next”); this and put it in app’s initialise method but unable to set it. Do i have required TTF file and put it in assets folder or any other way i ca set?