How can load and play sample audio file

I have seen some tutorials to load and play audio file which are working for them, but its not for me.
So, how can i load and play audio file. I am sharing one link of tutorial which i tried, but its not work.
Please check below link:

Kishan Patel.

Based on your Youtube comment, I think you are expecting it to play the audio file right away when loaded? The plugin is not an audio file player plugin, it’s a sampler instrument plugin, so you need to feed it MIDI notes in order to make it produce sounds.

Thanks for reply,
So, what we have done as per showing video, we have to keep as it is and required to add some functionality to play that sound. Right?

You need to feed the sampler plugin MIDI notes from a MIDI keyboard or from a MIDI track in your DAW/host application in order to make it output sound.

If you are looking to make a plugin that just directly plays an audio file, it needs to be done differently.

So, i have to make some connection to make file audible. Please correct me if i wrong.
I am attaching one image which shows how i testing my plugins.

So, can you help to make connection?. I have tried some, but its not work.

Thanks buddy.