How do I add a native window to a juce component?

There is NSViewComponent, AndroidViewComponent, XEmbedComponent. But where is the one for Windows?

I guess you can use HWND?

With the Windows function SetParent, I guess.

I’m confused - what does the question in the title truly mean? Are you looking to have a Component become window, or you want a window’s lifetime to be controlled by a Component?

My interpretation is that original poster has some situation where he creates a native window that should become hosted inside the Juce Component tree. (Maybe a driver control panel or something.)

I have a HWND, I want to add it to the JUCE Component hierarchy. NativeWindow in juce_win32_Video.h almost does what I want, but it’s not public. ActiveXControlComponent also does what I want, but it’s for ActiveX components only.

It appears this is only implemented for macOS, iOS, Linux and Android, which is odd.