How do I delete the first few lines in my TextEditor?

I want my read-only TextEditor to have a limit on the number of lines. When new lines are added to the bottom (I’m using it for logging), I need to see if I’m over the limit, and delete lines from the top if necessary.

What’s the right way to do this?

I thought I’d already given you the answer! :slight_smile:
the simplest way is to use a StringArray for your logging (each entry is a ‘line’), prune early entries as necessary, and dump it to the TextEditor after an async notification.

I did that already, and yes pruning lines from the StringArray is quite simple. But if the TextEditor is up, and it gets full, how do I trim it?

Or are you suggesting that every time a new line appears in the StringArray, I rebuild the entire contents of the TextEditor? I sure hope not!

psh, are you a man or a mouse?

I’ve never had any issues doing it like that, it’s certainly the easiest option :wink: but then whenever I’ve used such a component it’s always been for debugging purposes anyway.

I guess you could use the caret operations to select text at the start and replace with String::empty. That’d require that you store how long the removed strings are though, so you know much to chop off.

If you are really concerned with efficiency though, you’d be using a log viewing component that actually thought in lines rather than a giant string. Perhaps the CodeEditorComponent would be worth experimenting with? From the looks of it, it’d need you to store the log in a CodeDocument. It doesn’t look like CodeEditorComponent currently has a read-only mode yet though - if not, I’m sure it’d be a sensible request.

a special custom control indeed is better than one string in a text editor - scheme.

String text = editor->getText();
for (int i = 0; i < nbLinesToTrim; i++) text = text.fromFirstOccurrenceOf("\n", false, false);
editor->setText(text, whatever_here);

Dude…LOL!!! Come on man…you don’t see the problem here?

String text = editor->getText();

No. String are ref counted so this line doesn’t copy the content.
If you’re in your text editor component, then you change “editor” by “this”.

const String TextEditor::getText() const
    String t;
    t.preallocateStorage (getTotalNumChars());
    String::Concatenator concatenator (t);

    for (int i = 0; i < sections.size(); ++i)
        sections.getUnchecked (i)->appendAllText (concatenator);

    return t;

Plus if you use setText, you lose all the formatting :frowning: