How do you close an AlertWindow that is running in runModalLoop()?

I created an AlertWindow :
juce::AlertWindow offlineDeviceAlert(“Could not fetch parameter”, “Device offline…”, juce::AlertWindow::InfoIcon);

and I run that in Modal mode using:

Now I want to stop or remove the modal AlertWindow. How can I acheive this?

Long story:
I’m trying to stop the user from clicking on the main window when a device is offline and they’re trying to access the parameters of that device. So my messy solution is to always put a message saying that the device parameter can’t be accessed at that time. I create and display the message right before a blocking call which checks for the device parameter and then I want to delete/remove the message once the call returns.
What is the best way to do this?

You can close all modal components using ModalComponentManager::getInstance()->cancelAllModalComponents ();.
Have a look at ModalComponentManager for further information.

I put that right after runModalLoop() but that doesn’t seem to help. The alert window just stays there as a modal window. I can exit it on Windows by right clicking on the modal window and then quitting but what I want to do is for that window to disappear when I’m done with it. What am I missing here?

The main thing you’re missing is DO NOT RUN MODAL LOOPS!

For more info, search the forum for that phrase to find many, many threads about why it’s bad!

Yup, I was reluctant to use it in the first place but then it was the only thing that was giving me any results. I’ve changed around a few things now and this combination seems to work better:

juce::AlertWindow offlineDeviceAlert("Could not fetch parameter", "Device offline...", juce::AlertWindow::InfoIcon);

and then after that long callback, I have this:

This has produced the best result so far. The AlertWindow now lingers when there is a long timeout but it doesn’t come to the front of the app and doesn’t show content. Getting closer to solution though so that’s progress.