How do you work with Git? Jules?

This question is directed towards Jules but I’d be interested in hearing from anyone who uses Git. If you are not Jules, the question is “how do you integrate the JUCE source tree into your repository.” For Jules:

  • How do you work with Git?
  • Do you use feature branches?
  • Do you perform a rebase (possibly interactive) after a series of commits to tidy them up? (i.e. “hide the sausage making”)
  • How do you hold back work in progress while still submitting commits to the master branch?
  • Do you ever get merge conflicts?
  • When you compare revisions or perform diffs what tool do you use? How do you view the code (integrated, side by side, diff style, etc)?

Oh, I’m really only a very shallow git user… I rarely do anything except make commits and then push them. I think I did a rebase once.

So basically you have a bunch of modified files for various things: fixes, enhancements, new features, and when something is done you add just the files that are relevant to the index, and commit that as a single item?

Yep. I try to keep it all as simple as possible.