How does a child protect its parent from mouseDown() events?

This should be easy and perhaps I’m making an obvious mistake.

I have an AboutWindow, a very simple Component that I bring up over my main window (and which is not a top-level window).

On that AboutWindow is a juce::ToggleButton, which is opaque, and setInterceptsMouseClicks is at the default value (true, true).

Unfortunately, when I click on the button, before any messages get sent to the button, the About Window’s mouseDown() method gets called.

How can I prevent this?

Or, here’s what I’m trying to achieve - I’d like the AboutWindow to go away when it’s clicked (which it is, currently) - EXCEPT if I click on the button (“Display this window on startup”), when I’d like the button to fire, and nothing else.

This seems so easy, I’m not sure why this is an issue…!

I think the only way you’d be able to make that happen would be if you’d registered the window as a mouse listener using addMouseListener()…?

DOH! That was it!

As I suspected, I was making an obvious mistake - in another file… Thanks muchly.