How i cant make volume meter like in synth vst

how can i make or design volume meter vu meter for synth vst
please help me with it please i dont now how to make one in juce 5 that i use

please help me

I don’t think you will get more response if you ask your question over and over again.

Your question is too vague to give an answer. People will not write your program, they might give you snippets to improve your approach, if you share it.

To write a volume meter touches several problems, that have a different solution in different instances.

Nobody knows, where you stand at the moment with your programming skills, so I suggest look at the tutorials, program them yourself and start changing things and learn by doing that, what works and what doesnt.
If you have questions along that journey, feel free to ask those questions, I am sure you will get more responses than with a general “How can I make XYZ”.

In case you know all that, I have a juce module for meters on github, where you can get inspiration from.


Sorry, but have you seen anyone on this forum getting more help by posting the same question 6 times? If you look for forum threads where people get most help, you’ll notice that most times questions are much more specific, people tell what they already tried and share a bit more info about their knowledge.

As creating meters is probably not the first task you face when building a plugin, I assume you have already done some basic work, e.g. you might already know how to set up a UI in general with JUCE etc. . Please tell more about the context or you’ll probably be only noticed as totally annoying on the forum but not get any help.

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i’m making a gain meter right at this moment as you can see on my post here on the forum and apart from some recent changes that were discussed in that post it’s more or less like in the video i made about it:

so yeah, it’s not perfect yet but it’s pretty simple and already works pretty fine so i guess it’s a good starting point :slight_smile:

also don’t hurry too much for answers. everyone here is very helpful usually so don’t worry about it

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