How to add a DryWetMixer or a LinkwitzRiley to a dsp::ProcessorChain

How would I add a DryWetMixer to an ProcessorChain

as of right now my processor chain has a panner and a gain but I wanted to add a dry wet mixer and a Linkwitz-Riley however I keep running into jasserts for example

jassert (drySamples.getNumChannels() <= (size_t) bufferDry.getNumChannels());

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I’d love to know this too.

I’ll try going in to the API a little more perhaps it might require a processor duplicator

( BTW slightly off-topic: be aware of the phase-shift introduced by Linkewitz-Riley when mixing DRY and WET signals )

ProcessorChain requires a process function in all of the effects in the chain which DryWetMix doesn’t have so it wouldn’t be possible. You need to have access to the input signal which ProcessorChain doesn’t provide - only the output from the previous effect in the chain. Its a linear chain of effects, not a graph.

@chkn, is an all-pass filter suitable to counteract the phase introduced by LR filters or do I need to use a delay-line?

you could use the same LR-Filter on the dry chain and mix the result together, than you have a dry signal with the same phase-shift

Simple allpass filter will do the same phase shift. I believe it’s even in the Linkwitz-Riley helpers in JUCE

could you access the methods from the processor chain using the get method if you put a dry wet mixer in? so even though you pass the process into the processorChain you still access the process for dry wet mixer independently using the get method???