How to add a ToolbarButton correctly?

I want to add a ToolbarButton in my mainComponent, so, I can click it to set the values of the textEditor which shows in the mainComponent. However,I still can’t create/add it correctly though I had see some steps to add the ToolbarButton like:Example Toolbar with buttons and popup menu.
I tried to add it according the descriptions, but the following errors were prompted:

Unable to open source file;

The ButtonListerner does not a class or structure name.
Can anyone tell me where I did wrong or other way to make it?
Thanks in advance.

There’s something wrong with your ToolBarWorker.h

Maybe it’s missing a closing }?

Also, look at the docs for the Button class to find out why ButtonListener doesn’t work.

You should inherit from Button::Listener. The ButtonListener typedef (without the colons) is no longer available.

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Ok, thank you very much.:grinning:

Ok, thank you, I will check the ToolBarWorker.h.:smile: