How to avoid record() with looping jumping to the loopIn point

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For me when triggering a record() in TE, if looping is true, the playhead will jump to the loopIn point. I understand in many cases this is useful, but in my application it would be far more intuitive if the playhead didn’t jump and instead started recording from currentPos.

Extra info:
The reason I care about this is: I use record with no armed tracks instead of play. This is because it allows me to instantly start recording by arming a track. Per the demo, if you are already playing and you start recording you get thousands of small recordings and application grinds to a halt. I believe this issue still stands.

Currently I’m getting around this by storing the curPos, if not playing/recording set loopIn to curPos, start recording and instantly reset the loopIn to the original value. Such a hack… Any better suggestions would be very much appreciated.

TBH it does seem that many of my hacks seem to be workarounds needed from the inability to instantaneously start recording if a play was in progress. That’s another topic though! :slight_smile:

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This is a bit tricky to think about at the moment but if you want to have a play around the logic in TransportControl::performRecord() and suggest some changes I’ll consider them.

The main reason I’m a bit hazy is that I can’t remember if recordings are able to start in the middle of a loop section and then continue looping. There’s also count-in logic to consider.

Tbh, I think I’d rather leave making changes to this logic until we get the opportunity to rework the recording functionality so it’s always recording and you just start/stop seamlessly. But that’s a chunk of work that’s a bit in the future I’m afraid.

Hey @dave96 Thanks very much for the advice. I’ll certainly take a look at this when I next dip into the feature. If I see anything that makes reasonable sense as a suggestion I’ll report back.

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+1 on that – I’d love to be able to record with loop enabled without the transport resetting to the loop start point.