How to change ListBox row component size?

Hi JUCE masterminds,

I’m implementing my customized component as ListBox row component. Basically each row is a large graph. I’ve programmed my own component and refreshComponentForRow method in ListBoxModel. Graphs are displayed in each row. However it’s quite small. I declared setSize method for the right dimension. It’s not working. Does anyone know where my issue is?

Many thanks,

setRowHeight member function of ListBox component is responsible for row height.

Be aware that that sets the height for all rows. There does not appear to be a way to have different heights for different rows, if that’s your goal.

Yes, I think that OP wants to set row heights by setting sizes of internal components. In that case it will be easier to implement another ListBox-like component based on ViewPort or on a basic component with scrollbar(s).