How to check interval of double click for Label

sorry, I’ve just spent an hour to find method which tells me what is the longest time interval between two clicks to qualify such click as double click?

I want to set some action on Label single click, but only if it’s not double click.
So I need to set timer which can wait to check if there is no more click after first one. But interval of timer need to be dependent on double click interval.

Maybe I need to take that interval from system settings but I still can’t find the way how to do that.

For any help thanks in advance.
Best Regards

Oh, OK, fortunately I’ve just found out, it’s: getDoubleClickTimeout()
But now there is a question what exactly mean

“…maximum length of time between mouse-clicks…”

is this between first click mouse UP and second click DOWN?
Or is it between firtst click mouse DOWN and second click DOWN?
Or maybe between first click DOWN and second click UP?

Probably I could check it by experimenting. But at the moment I can’t do that. Maybe someone know the answer already?

If you look, where that is actually used (CMD+SHIFT+F getDoubleClickTimeout) you will see, it saves the recent mouseDowns:

And a check of the type of the array reveals, that it stores only the down timestamp, so it is checking, if the mouseDowns were within the given interval…