How to create EDIT files externally and use with the framework?

Hi folks,

I’m just getting into the Tracktion Engine (whoa, so much power!) and one question that I have is whether or not its possible to use an external program - perhaps WAVEFORM itself? - to create a Tracktion Edit file, which can then be used to build a Tracktion application?

I’ve got an application to build that is basically a self-contained plugin host - and I’d kind of like to set up the Edit externally, rather than programmatically - just wondering if this is possible and if it is, what are some good practices for the flow between “Create Tracktion Edit” → “Load Tracktion Edit programmatically in an application”?

Yes is it possible to load an Edit created in Waveform in a Tracktion Engine app.
There are only two potential issues:

  1. Be aware that not all plugins in Waveform are available in TE so if you use these, the won’t load
  2. If you use audio clips, in Waveform these are tied to a ProjectItem reference (for legacy reasons). We don’t recommend doing thin in TE apps but you can convert the paths to relative file paths manually if you need to.
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Thanks for the tips Dave - with your affirmation I will pursue this a little further, and have just bought a Waveform license for the purpose - so, thanks for that!

One thing - the Edit I want to create is specifically only to use my own plugins. I’m essentially building a custom host just for my (our: Austrian Audio) plugins to be instantiated in, and experimented with. I’m assuming there are no gotcha’s with this - as long as my plugins are installed in standard locations (VST3/AUv2) they should be available to use in an Edit, right?

Still getting my head wrapped around the power of Tracktion::Engine so far …

Yes, as long as they are scanned by the PluginManager’s juce::KnownPluginList member, it should be fine.

Yes, there’s a lot of power to harness :zap:

You may want to look at the thread here where I asked a similar question and posted some code that worked for me for opening .tracktionedit files directly in TE.

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Thanks Cymatic, I’ll participate in that thread …