How to get an Image from a Drawable?

Hi all,

I want to add some icons to a popupmenu,
and i’ve embedded my transparent png icons with the binarybuilder.

I see i can add the icon data as an ‘Image’ to the popup menu items as is in the docs:
addColouredItem (const int itemResultId, const String &itemText, const Colour &itemTextColour, const bool isActive=true, const bool isTicked=false, const Image *const iconToUse=0)

However, i can’t find a method to make an image from embedded png data,
only the Drawable can create one, as i’m currently doing to display icons elsewhere.
There also does’nt seem a method to get an Image from a Drawable.

Any tips ?


nevermind, i found it, i use the ImageCache :slight_smile: