How to get device type "window Audio"?

Hi, jules
How are you?
When I loop through the device type through
I am not able to get the device type “window Audio”.
My computer has no input device, so when I initialize the deviceManager on window, it gives me error.
“Primary Sound Capture Driver: “Bad format””.
it trys to set input device .

In your 1_50 demo, it works good. by first using the input device as NULL.
and initialize initial device as null. The device type is “windows audio”.
how can I get this type of device?

Any ideas?



Hi, jules.

does JUCE_WASAPI intend to handle 0 inputdevice in some computer?
Because if there is no input device in computer, the audioDeviceManager can not initialize it.

Is that right?


How many input channels are you asking it for?

Hi, jules
You may not got me.

I mean if no input device is in computer. is this api used for handling this case. Because initialize audioDeviceManager needs input device exsits.
No input device -> no input channel.
Or , if I do not use this API , how to initialize audioManager on computer without input device.

am I wrong?

I also saw your post for this API.



I did understand.

I asked you that question because if you initialise the device manager asking it for 0 input channels, it shouldn’t care whether there are any input devices. If you ask it for > 0 input channels, then obviously it’ll fail if there are no input devices.