How to get reference to sub-tree of ValueTree

As I understand getChild does not return reference, so how to get reference to deeply nested sub-tree,
I want to avoid spaghetti like this

ValueTrees are “reference-like” objects, so for example getChild returns an instance where changes to it happen also to the “original” tree.

ValueTree maintree("root");
	ValueTree childtree("child1");
	childtree.setProperty("x", 42, nullptr);
	maintree.addChild(childtree, -1, nullptr);
		ValueTree temp = maintree.getChild(0);
		temp.setProperty("x", 1001, nullptr);
        // even though "temp" is destroyed here, the change was already 
        //applied also to the original tree
	// prints 1001 twice
	std::cout << (int)childtree.getProperty("x") << "\n";
	std::cout << (int)maintree.getChild(0).getProperty("x") << "\n";
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Thanks, you’re right.
I was doing something in constuctor while original tree not yet exist.