How to incorporate JUCE in QtCreator

I’m new to the JUCE world.
I am trying to configure the latest available version of Qt Creator to add JUCE to the project (audio resources) on MacOS.
Is there a guide explaining the procedure?
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If you want to set up a Juce project to edit in QtCreator you should use Cmake. In QtCreator you can “open project” and choose the CMakeLists.txt as project file. QtCreator should set up your project now.

Thanks for answer so soon. I would need some more specific guidance. Something is wrong when compiling the CMakeList.txt file in the following folder Applications/JUCE/examples.

Without a detailed description of what you have done, it’s hard to know what’s happening. Please explain, how do you get juce and how do you set up your project.

I’m confused. Sorry if the question is too obvious, but I don’t know how to export to cmake. Should it be done from JUCE?

I am using one of the free versions of JUCE (personal plan). The options to carry out “Exports” are:

Xcode (macOS)
Xcode (iOS)
Visual Studio 2022
Visual Studio 2019
Visual Studio 2017
Linux Makefile
Code::Blocks (Windows)
Code::Blocks (Linux)

Looking at the available options it seems that there is no way to Export to CMake, at least with the personal plan. My knowledge of the tool is limited and I don’t want to spend time trying to “manually” link between Qt and JUCE.

Any indication will be of great help.

Something is wrong when compiling the CMakeList.txt file in the following folder Applications/JUCE/examples.

^This is a subproject.
You have to open a “root” CMakeLIsts.txt

PS where did you get this path?

Also this can be helpful GitHub - sudara/pamplejuce: A JUCE Plugin CI template. JUCE 7 & Catch2 with macOS notarization and Windows EV code signing on Github Actions

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I have downloaded the tool from Download - JUCE and located the JUCE folder in my Applications directory (Applications/JUCE). None of the CMakeList.txt projects can be opened and executed directly in Qt

The pamplejuce template is only valid for generating JUCE plug-in projects with CMake? I am looking for conditioning for an audio app

Okay, at first you need forget the projucer. If you go the cmake way, you don’t need the projucer.

Now, if you have downloaded juce, look into:


There you have an example project with a detailed documented CmakeLists.txt. You could copy this folder, where ever you want. Now you need to edit the CmakeLists.txt and add the path to Juce in line 27.

That’s it. Now you should be able to open this in qt creator and build.

Ok, I have tried this setup. I’ve managed to successfully compile the code from Qt, but it’s not exactly the solution I’m looking for.

In this case, a JUCE environment window opens form Qt IDE. I would be interested in keeping the Qt library objects in the project (QMainWindow, QAction, QToolBar, etc) and incorporating only the JUCE audio resources into Qt Creator.

Yes, it’s a template for a plugin. But you can change it to standalone app easy.

I have never used juce in Qt. Perhaps someone else can chime in here. I guess the next step is to figure out how to set up a Qt project with cmake. Qt uses qmake per default but it supports cmake as well.

Trying to use both Qt and Juce in the same project is just asking for trouble. Why do you want to also use Juce in the first place?

Qt offers a very useful component package for the project (tool buttons, graphic representation, etc). The only thing missing is a cross-platform tool for managing Audio, and JUCE is the perfect solution.

I hope, thank you!