How to integrate an *already-made* component when creating GUI interfaces in Introjucer?


I've a custom FilmStripKnob (inheriting from Slider() )and I would use Introjucer in order to create my own GUI without hand-repositioning controls via code.

Could someone tell me how to integrate an already-made control in introjucer? 

I've searched in the forum but there's not a clear way... 

Thank you

I haven't used the GUI editor for years, but IIRC you'd do it with the Generic Component type.

Thanks Jules.. But I think I should explain better myself!

when I have a plugin with Many controls would be tedious using setbounds() to manually positioning sliders and knobs. So Introjucer comes .... But I am looking for a smart way to positioning in my GUI some custom widget...not the ones provided by juce standard library ... I have subclassed juce::Slider and created my own personalKnob() class (let's say) ... How can I add an instance of my custom knob class using Introjucer ? Another way would be positioning standard juce controls and subclass ink LookAndFeel() ?



You can add an instance of any class using the Generic Component type. But if your GUI is comple, maybe you should just be writing a custom class by hand.