How to integrate VFLib into an audio plugin?

Hi Vinnie !

What's the best way to integrate your VFLib into an audio plugin ?

My main goal is to do all my PluginEditor->PluginProcessor and
PluginProcessor->PluginEditor messages thread-safe.

I know there are several postings here in the forum regarding exactly
the same subject, but honestly:

1. after reading them all i'm not 100% which of your "CallQueues"
would fit my needs best (i guess it would be GuiCallQueue or the
simply CallQueue itself).

2. after downloading VFLib and reading the "Integration" tips
here i have to confess,
that i'm obviously not even able to include it into my juce project
in a way that it compiles.

Since i examined your source code, i think this is GREAT stuff
and i would love to use it.

So, it would be very nice, if you can point me in the right direction,
how to integrate VFLib into my audio plugin project.

Thanks in advance,

Ok, I've encountered that VFLib does NOT compile with current JUCE.

And regarding to some postings here on the forum, vinnie is NOT
maintaining VFLib anymore ... sadly !

I guess, I have to dive deeply into this "thread-safety" stuff then :)

I stripped back some of Vinnie's ideas and glued them back together into a new no-lock call queue. 

It's probably under-documented but seems very stable.

Let me know if that helps.


thanks for sharing yes

I've updated the classes in git now.  Mostly documentation improvements. 

ahhh .. thanks a lot !

sorry, for the late replay, but honestly i totally missed your answer at all.

however, i'll take a look at it asap. thanks again ! :)