How to just play a sound file on a console app?


I’ve read with attention some tutorials here and there
and still I’m lost with what I want to achieve with the Juce library
(which is amazing by the way !).

In short I want to provide an mp3 file to the lib, play it get the audio buffer back in order to
apply iFFT on it (so my ultimate goal is to create and display on special midi device the spectrogram).

I know that somehow I need to intercept GetNextAudioBlock…
But I’m unable to understand if I should inherit from a given class or just just instantiate it…

Note : I don’t want to inherit from AudioAppComponent… All must work under the console

Thanks a lot !

This post from last month is probably what you’re after - there’s a search function in the top right corner!

Ok thanks a lot, I’ll look a this carefully :slight_smile: