How to make window transparent?

Hi everybody~

I'd like to know, how would I go about making a transparent window in Linux? I've tried setOpaque(false), but that didn't seem to do the trick.. and now I don't know what else to try :/

Sorry for such a trivial question, and thanks.

I believe there's some dialog windows with transparency in the JUCE Demo. Perhaps that should be the first place to look.

Just checked it out, there doesn't seem to be anything special about it, besides not having setOpaque(true), and the paint routine filling with a transparent blue.

If it helps, I'm using the demo project from the [url=]Handling MIDI Events[/url] tutorial. Even commenting out the setContentOwned() call, and passing a transparent colour (like Colours::transparentBlack) to the DocumentWindow constructor, I get a solid black window. Calling isOpaque() on the window returns 0.

It didn't occur to me before, but I think I should mention that I've been building for 32-bit Linux. Could this be the problem?

Currently JUCE does not support transparent windows under linux. I don't think this would be easy to implement either. See for example this stackoverflow post.