How to record an AudioProcessor?

I’m looking at this audio recorder tutorial: JUCE/AudioRecordingDemo.h at master · juce-framework/JUCE · GitHub

It records through successive calls to

void audioDeviceIOCallback (const float** inputChannelData, int numInputChannels,
                            float** outputChannelData, int numOutputChannels,
                            int numSamples) override

by the audio device manager.

How can I redirect the output of an AudioProcessor to it?

Just conditionally call it in your processBlock function (if you started recording via UI request to ‘start Recording’ with file) after generating your audio/after each block where you fill your output fifo if you have one.

I don’t remember if the original demo code was this way, but it may be more convenient to change the buffer format you have to pass in (this is how I have it, but copied that example a long time ago) - for example.

    void processAudioInputBuffer (const AudioSourceChannelInfo& souceChannelInfo)
        const ScopedLock sl (writerLock);

        if (activeWriter != nullptr )
            float** inputChannelData = souceChannelInfo.buffer->getArrayOfWritePointers();  
            activeWriter->write (inputChannelData, souceChannelInfo.numSamples);
            nextSampleNum += souceChannelInfo.numSamples;

Make sure to add a prepare to play function that you call from Audio processor prepare to play - so that the sample rate is correct… and you probably need to stop the recording process if sample rate changes during a recording - add an extra stop recording call there maybe:

 void prepareToPlay (float sampleRate_)
        sampleRate = sampleRate_;

Not sure how safe it is to do the scoped writer lock in the processBlock callback () - maybe there is a cleaner way to manage that.