How to send data between the WebBrowserComponent and the local HTML it loads?

Hi,everyone。I am using WebBrowserComponent to load local HTML, which can only be used for display. If there is data in JUCE that needs to be updated and displayed in the HTML, what should I do?
There are no functions in the WebBrowserComponent class that can execute JavaScript. I tried using the JavascriptEngine class, but couldn’t establish a connection with the local HTML.

More functionality is planned for JUCE 8, see details in the top post: The 2023 JUCE User Survey

In the meantime, people are successfully using the header-only WebView wrapper in choc to accomplish this today:

Crazy workaround suggestion: generate your HTML from JUCE’ territory, open the WebBrowserComponent on it …

One hacky way you can do this is that you can intercept URLs by overloading pageAboutToLoad and use specially-crafted URLs on your web page.