How to set margin between two components while use the AttachtoComponent function?

I have a button that set in center of the screen and one Label that set at top of that button. I am able to do it but Label and button has the 0 margin. i want to set the 10px margin between them.

this is my label attached button
lbllowest.attachToComponent(&buttonA3, false);

this is my Button bound property

Rectangle buttobound(0, 0, 200, 80);
buttonA3.setBounds(buttobound.removeFromLeft(buttobound.getWidth() / 2));

Can you please help me out?

You’ll have to do it the hard way, with setBounds()

position your label first, then do:

int margin = 10; //or whatever margin you want.
button.setBounds( label.getX(), label.getBottom() + margin, buttonWidth, buttonHeight );

Yes that the way. But i want to set the button at center and at top of button (margin=10), i want to set the text Now i got this. Thank You sir

Sir can you please let me how to set the three icon at bottom of the screen with space arround? below is my link

use the setBounds() function to position your components.
There are a bunch of helper functions you can use to position them within your parent component’s bounds.
JUCE: Component Class Reference Scroll down to where the ‘getX()’ function is and look through the available options.
you’ll do stuff like

auto componentBounds = getLocalBounds();
button1.setBounds(componentBounds.getX() + 10, //left edge + 10 px
                  componentBounds.getBottom() - preferredHeight,
//adjacent to button1, with same bounds, and a 10px gap
button2.setBounds( button1.getBounds().withX( button1.getRight() + 10 ) );

Good luck

Thank You matkatmusic