How to solve PopupMenu item's mouse listener

to mu PopupMenu I added the Component in which I have buttons.
But neither for Component nor for the buttons mouseEnter() and mouseExit() are not called.

(To be honest it works on Windows 10, but on my OSX computer not)

But mouseDown() and mouseUp() work fine. And after I click suddenly the mouseEnter() is called.
I have no idea how to solve that issue.

So I suppose I should in some way addMouseListener() for those elements. But the question, which component should they listen?

My first think was to all PopupMenu::addMouseListener(MyComponent, true)
But of course PopupMenu hasn’t method addMouseListener so the idea is wrong.

And I still wonder if addMouseListener is the case, because as I told before mouseDown() and mouseUp() work fine, so it looks like my buttons and listen mouse events. But why they don’t recognise mouse mouse is enter or exit?

Could anyone give some advice how to solve such problem?

For any help great thanks in advance.
Best regards.