How to tell the DAW that a preset(program) has changed and it needs to refresh the tick sign in its built-in preset selection menu?

I have my own preset management system and i also want to allow users to use the built-in one.
I pass the total number of the programs to “getNumPrograms( )”, the name of them to “getProgramName( )”, and the current program to “getCurrentProgram( )”.When i open the plugin. It shows the same preset name and index(which is what i want it to do), but if i change the preset from the plugin preset manager that i created, it does not refresh the current program. “getCurrentProgram” is only called by the DAW (and most probably when a new preset is selected from the DAW’s preset menu) , I want to tell the DAW that i have changed the program and i want it to act as if it has been changed from the DAW’s preset list so that it will refreshed the selected program.
I couldn’t see a method for this ? Is there a way to trigger the DAW to call the “getCurrentProgram”? Is it again a “plugin is a slave, host is a master. You cannot tell the DAW that it should change the selected preset index” ? issue?
Thanks in advance :pray:

I don’t have too high hopes, but that kind of something changed/dirty message is communicated with ˋupdateHostDisplay()ˋ.

Good luck

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I see . I will try. Maybe with that call DAW also refreshes its own GUI, too
Thank you :pray: