How to test latency when input device is instrument?

hi, jules
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In juce1_50 demo, you provide recording latency test. Latency test sends out a beep, and microphone takes that beep. Then the codes meature the time delay to calculate latency samples. If I just have input intrument, and do not have microphone, how to do the input instrument latency test?

Do you have any ideas?


eh…? What on earth do you mean?

MIDI, perhaps… The latency between MIDI in and audio out?

Good luck with that.

What? It’d be easy-peasy with a Digital Storage 'Scope!

Nah, that’d be far too easy. Much more fun to try to do it just using the juce demo.

Hi, jules
How are you?

I mean I want to measure the actual delay for guitar recording though some device, not recording acoustic guitar by mic phone.
In this case, your latency test does not work due to there is no mic input. computer can not take the beep for measuring the delay.
I like your dynamic latency test, it makes sense. The delay sample provides by device, is not accurate.

Do you have any ideas about how to conduct the latency test for guitar recording? I want to start recording after skipping the latency samples.

still confusion? :slight_smile: