How to use juce with boost test framework?


I’d like to use juce and boost test framework to launch unit tests on my juce-based product.
But I am facing some difficulties (errors related to redefinition of Point on mac, and redefinition of T).

Is it possible to to have juce and boost used by the same code ?
If yes how ?


#undef is the solution

The latest code doesn’t use that macro, so I guess you must be using an old version. Start from the latest version from GIT rather than waste time on problems that may no longer exist.

please can you give any further details ?
are you suggesting to undefine all the duplicate macros ?

Indeed I use juce 1.53.
Actually I’d like to switch to the latest version, but I (or we) have a huge amount of code based on juce 1.53 and no time left for a migration to a new version.

Yep.You need undefine all the duplicate macros

#undef T
#undef Point


I have solved this issue on mac by:

#include <Carbon/carbon.h>
#include “juce.h”
#undef T
#undef nil