IIRFilter - getting no sound

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I'm working on a synth with a friend of mine and we simply can't get the filter to work. It always gives silence no matter the parameters.

[url=http://pastebin.com/Ba4zd3Js]Relevant bits[/url]

[url=https://github.com/TZer0/Simple-Morph-Synth/blob/master/Source/PluginProcessor.cpp]Actual code[/url]

Source code

If it isn't obvious what I'm doing wrong, then you can try reproducing the problems by compiling and running this yourself

To get the source code, do one of the following:

In a terminal:

git clone https://github.com/TZer0/Simple-Morph-Synth.git

[url=github-windows://openRepo/https://github.com/TZer0/Simple-Morph-Synth]Or click here to clone using Github Windows[/url]

Or download [url=https://github.com/TZer0/Simple-Morph-Synth/archive/master.zip]here[/url] as a zip


To reproduce the issue after testing that yes, in the current state this VST makes sounds, go to PluginProcessor.cpp and uncomment [url=https://github.com/TZer0/Simple-Morph-Synth/blob/master/Source/PluginProcessor.cpp#L170]line 170[/url]


If I change something, it might move, but it is the one saying

mFilter.processSamples(&tmp, 1);


Thank you for your help.