Image of common components


Would anyone like to help me create an image showing most of the common (or important) JUCE components? That way, when we're thinking of a component we need, we could just look at the image and find the the (labeled) image that looks like what we need. I think this would help a lot and maybe even help people discover new components that they didn't know of. I sometimes have trouble finding a type of component because I don't know what it's called,  but if I could look at a bunch of images to find it, it would help a lot. 

Anyone down to help? I'll try to do as much as I can on my own and share it when I can, but I could really use some help. Especially since I really don't know all of the components in the first place or how to use them exactly. That's partly the reason I'd like to make this. Would anyone even be interested in this at all? I'm sure a lot of noobs like me would find it very useful. 

Have you tried the JuceDemo for that?   I see the advantages of an image but usually I resort to loading the demo :)

I actually do use the demo for things like that. :) I refer to the demo for a lot of things actually. For instance, I'm messing around trying to make a drawing/painting app and I wanted a color selector to pop out (CallOutBox) when you push a button. Sure enough, the JUCE demo had it and it was so easy to implement. The demo is great, but I think it would be really convenient to have them in one image. I'll probably work on it in my free time and get it done eventually. I'll hopefully try to use every component that can have a good visual representation.