Image problem with colors

I have a problem with displaying an image in my program on a G4 Mac. On a more recent Intel everything is fine. This problem can be reproduced with the Juce demo, I attached a screenshot of the problem. Look at the Juce logo to see what I mean. What is going on there?

I think it’s an endianess problem in the bits that represents the colours: what CPU are you running it onto? Intel or PowerPC?

the problem arises on a G4 (ppc), my intel machine shows the image perfectly

I thought it was something that was already been fixed in JUCE… what version are you using?

I fixed this recently and it ran fine (using rosetta on my intel mac). Make sure you’ve got the very latest tip.

(And in general, can everyone please always make sure you’ve got the latest tip before reporting bugs!)

I use one of the latest, but will try the tip.