Image size is not normal

Now I'm learning JUCE GUI programming . I want to create a window, then a component in this window and a jpg file showing in this component.

So I write these codes.

MyComponent::MyComponent() : pic(ImageFileFormat::loadFrom(File("D:/GUItest/test.jpg"))),
                             f("simkai.ttf", 20, Font::plain)        //"f" is a Font, pic is an Image

    h=pic.getHeight();                   //w & h are integers
void MyComponent::paint(Graphics& g)
    // showing an image
    g.drawImage(pic, 0, 0, w, h, 0, 0, pic.getWidth(), pic.getHeight());

    // writing the size info on the window
    std::sprintf(text, "x=%d\ny=%d", getWidth(), getHeight());
    g.drawMultiLineText(text, 0, 20, 500);

And the window is the same size as the image.

But when the prog is running, I found the picture it showing is bigger than the actually size, especially when I comparing it with the same picture showing in windows' default photo viewer.

I can't upload images so I give the link ( Please copy and paste the link to the address bar and don't direct click this link ):

This shows the difference of the original size and the juce showing size. So how can I deal with it?


It's because the system dpi scale factor is 1.25, so my image is bigger than nomal one.

I added "Desktop::getInstance().setGlobalScaleFactor(1.0);" and then everything is ok.