Image transparency


Hi all,
I’ve a problem with Image transparency. I have several components superposed, every one with a background with a dynamic opacity and a foreground completely opaque. In order to optimize paint function, I would like to use for every component an offscreen image updated only when needed. I’ve tried with a juce Image, but if I draw an image with a transparent or semi-transparent background in top of the others (using drawImageAt), the result is a black background.

How do that?
Many thanks for any suggestion
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And you’ve definitely not called setOpaque(true) on these components?


yes, components are all not opaque


Then either your image is RGB instead of ARGB, or you’ve painted it black, or you’re drawing black somewhere else. It’ll be something obvious, I’m sure!


why not just call setBufferedToImage(true); ?


Fixed. yes, was something obvious.
Many Thanks