ImageCache changes in latest tip

Hi together

maybe this is a dumb question, but i saw that in ImageCache returns a “const Image” instead of a pointer to an image. I miss also the ImageCache::release method?! Could someone help me how i migrate existing GUI code the best to make things right? Whats the idea behind this changes?

I know i should use JUCER, but it looks that the pre compiled “exe” from this page isnt up to date and i cant compile the JUCER of the newest tip out of the box. Got a compiler error (VS8 Project, Error: fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: ‘jucer_CommonHeaders.h’).

Ok, i see. I havent to use any pointer or something anymore. I can always use the image directly from the cache:

edit: Works perfect, its anyway a better solution instead of holding the pointer to the cached image :slight_smile:

But is there a replacement for ImageCache::release or havent i to call this anymore?
edit: It seems that this isnt needed anymore.

Also great that i havent to disable the cd burner and quick time libraries!