In App Purchases: Subscription receipt verification (iOS)

Hi there. I’m looking to implement simple subscription code, but it turns out that subscriptions aren’t that simple. Here’s a good article to start

For now I understand that I need store the status of subscription, order id, and last payment time locally and check periodically with App Store if the subscription is still valid. But it seems that juce::InAppPurchases lacks necessary methods for this or they are hidden internally (verifyReceipt).

restoreProductsBoughtList doesn’t fit here as it invokes asking for user’s Apple Id, and we don’t wan’t that at each start of the app. All manuals say that this method should be invoked manually by user. Similar problem is discussed in this topic, but there are no answers at all:

My questions: is it possible to setup subscription feature with juce::InAppPurchases or do I need to develop my own wrapper around StoreKit? Can someone share some insights/details of implementing subscriptions in Juce environment?


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