Inc/Dec button won't work only on Win/VST

I’m having my new plugin tested by several testers. One of them reported that Inc/Dec button (Slider::IncDecButtons style) won’t work on Win/VST.
I tested by myself and it didn’t work as well, for both VST2 and VST3.
The tester uses FL Studio 20 and mine is Reaper and Zenbeats.

I confirmed that it works on Mac AU/VST.

Has anyone had same kind of issue? Any info is appreciated.

It turned out that this happens on below condition:

  • Attach a SliderAttachment to the Inc/Dec style Slider
  • Attached parameter is AudioParameterInt
  • Build for Windows

I’m going to dig a bit in JUCE library code.

For now changed the parameter type to AudioParameterFloat and set the step to 1 and it worked.

But I still don’t know why the behavior in using AudioParameterInt is different on Windows and Mac.