Include static library in makefile Projucer


I am using Tensorflow to create realtime audio effects using deep learning methods. While testing with Python the latency was not good so I thought I should try with C++/JUCE. I compiled the static library tensorflow-lite (libtensorflow-lite.a), but I didn’t succeed to add the rule(s) in the makefile to compile the code. I don’t know if the lib should be at a specific place or anything actually…

For the moment, make fails on the include with a fatal error (file not found):

#include "tensorflow/lite/model.h"

Thanks in advance for your help

Ok I found the solution to my problem with this answer on stackoverflow. I’ve copied the static library (libtensorflow-lite.a) in the directory of the makefile. See the screenshot below with the options I added in Projucer to make it work :