Inno Setup temp folder access triggers the Norton

Hello everyone,
Whenever I try to install my package, Norton stops the installation. It says a suspicious action is blocked and it shows that the inno seteup tries to change a file in C:\Windows\is-XXXXX.tmp.
As far as I know, this is a temporary file that inno setup creates but why not in C:\Windows\TEMP\is-XXXXX.tmp?

I have a code signing certificate. It all works, I can see the smart screen of the windows and it is letting my installer run. But many anti-virus software do the same and block the installation. I found a few posts but no answers.

Do you have any suggestions?
Thanks in advance :pray:

Norton is garbage that should be deleted asap but dont take my word for it

Which other anti virus software blocks installation?


Thank you for your answer. I haven’t tried many of them but “Malwarebytes Anti-Malware” is also blocking it but this may not be related to the inno setup. Because it keeps blocking the plugin itself.

And lastly, which is the worst one I guess, the Win 11 defender is displaying a blue smart screen and warning users not to install it but still offers an “Install anyway” option. I don’t have an EV certificate, mine is just a code signing certificate. Is this related to EV or still inno ? I have no idea :slight_smile:

I can’t speak to Norton being a (typical) pain though the issue quoted wouldn’t happen with an EV cert.

OV certs require building a Windows SmartScreen reputation. OTOH, EV certs give immediate reputation. It’s quite the gimmick.

And when you renew your certificate (sometimes?) all your reputation vanishes again.

When I think about dealing with all this I have a special tool i use to stab my self multiple times at once in the face until i feel better.